24 Ways to Kill a Stormtrooper in Star Wars

2020 18 ژانویه
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NEW VIDEO: "Creating TURTLES in an UNDERWATER Diorama - Minecraft with polymer clay"
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I created 24 Stormtroopers with clay, just to destroy them in the most enjoyable way the galaxy could come up with. Let’s get started!!

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  • -The Luke wanna know your location- The Darth Vader wanna know your location

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  • 3:57 clay claim showed no mercy for this poor stormtrooper instead he finished him.

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  • 2:43 wow, a stormshellow! (marshmellow)

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  • Rebel Alliance: so, how do you kill a stormtrooper? Han: YES

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  • can u do the droids and the clone trooper?

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  • I like your intro so creative

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  • OOH MAN, you'll not believe... How much this hurts

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  • Do not worry NO stormtroopers we’re actually killed in these 24 ways They were however brutally dismembered disemboweld lost multiple organs had serious blood loss as well as losing a few limbs and were scared for life but NOT DEAD

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  • 3:50 Kakyion challenge TODO TODO ES UNA JOJOREFERENCE

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  • Technically any of the guys not in pieces might be okay do to their self contained armor. They can even survive in space for short periods.

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  • Where's the blood? I want a bloody mess

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  • 25 wood chipper

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  • 7:42 Turn the heat on high and bake you til' golden brown! (Those are lyrics to a song from a game. anyone get the reference?)

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  • What club was that? 9-Iron, 8-Iron, 7-Iron, 6-Iron, 5-Iron, Pitching Wedge, or Sand Wedge?

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  • Make the solar system

  • I love the fire and car way

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  • Creating 24 masterpiece and destroy them??

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  • The rebel wants your location sir you have some awesome gadgets there

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  • Why does it seem like he's having way to much fun killing the Storm Troopers?

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  • Stormtroopers have been through worser times

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  • 3:58 my favorite doom eternal glory kill.

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  • 6:23 Ewok hunt on Battlefront 2

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  • 2:44 he grill

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  • ClayClaim: *Literally slaps a Stormtrooper to death* *And I call THAT Mercy...*

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  • 2:42 oh Jerry? He died of hunger, hunger is the name of my f l a m e t h r o w e r

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  • 3:56 HEY THERE IS canot be blood !!

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