I made a Six PUPPET and then she became ALIVE - Little Nightmares II

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NEW VIDEO: "Building \u0026 Playing a RAYMAN level on my desk - with cardboard \u0026 clay"
www.youtube.com/watch?v=PRWow... --~--
I created a Six Marionette from Little Nightmares 2 and created a level to challenge her on my desk.
► Get the Six Puppet Set here: clayclaim.com/collections/set...

I also made Mono ▸ ircloud.info/get/fy-lm-h-y/bnbcnJdzpWd4eMg.html
THE TEACHER ▸ ircloud.info/get/fy-lm-h-y/iIywq4iCnYp6n7Y.html
And THE HUNTER ▸ ircloud.info/get/fy-lm-h-y/gYeaeYSos5yVipU.html

0:00 Committing Crime
0:41 armature \u0026 clay 1
04:06 Six Clay Set
4:28 armature \u0026 clay 2
6:46 Music Box
8:42 Assembling
13:06 ALIVE

  • Plot twist: The Six He built is alive and is trying to to escape the puppet master himself...... ClayClaim

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  • You should do thin man Spoiler warning Six, the main character, after jumping from a building called the Nest with another girl, who meets a watery grave at the Pretender's hand, Six recovers the girl's yellow raincoat as a way to remember her and puts it on. This occurs in the prequel game, Very Little Nightmares. Now, his is where the guessing game begins. There has been some confusion on this topic, but I (and many others) assume that Little Nightmares II (LN2) actually takes place before Little Nightmares on the timeline, happening directly after the end of Very Little Nightmares. After jumping from the Nest and surviving, Six leaves the Nest on a raft, eventually ending up on the shore of somewhere along the mainland, presumably in some kind of wilderness. There, the Hunter finds her and locks her in a room in his cabin, with only a music box for her entertainment (more on this music box later). She stays there for upwards of a month. Here we bring in Mono, a young lad with a paper bag on his face. Waking up from a dream of a door with an eye symbol on it, Mono traverses the very same wilderness, eventually finding Six locked within the room, where Mono frees her. With each other's help, they evade the Hunter and, eventually, kill him with his own shotgun. Using a raft made from a door, Mono and Six travel into the Pale City. While in the city, Mono and Six discover television sets that he attempts to enter in order to reach the door from his dream, but he is always pulled out by Six. Once in the Pale City, Six and Mono must make their way through a gargantuan, labyrinthian school stalked by the sadistic Teacher, though they manage to evade and her and recover Six's lovely yellow raincoat. (This would mean that at some point she lost her original yellow raincoat, and her finding another and donning it is symbolic of her accepting herself and her past.) From here, they enter the Hospital occupied by freakish patients and a grotesque spider-like doctor, whom they may optionally kill by incineration. Finally, they enter the heart of the Pale City, occupied by the inhabitants of the City, Viewers, whose faces have been distorted through long-term exposure to the broadcast sent out by the Thin Man from the Signal Tower. Ultimately, Mono finds a working television set that leads him to the door. When he opens it, he is greeted by the Thin Man. Mono is pulled out by Six, but the Thin Man follows behind. Mono evades him, but Six is captured. Using the various television sets around the city, Mono finds a glitched mirage of Six, who leads him near the Signal Tower, where he can confront him. Discovering that he has powers very similar to that of the Thin Man, Mono kills him by disintegrating him. He then pulls the Signal Tower closer to him using such powers. Mono enters the Signal Tower where he reunites with Six, now a distorted monster. Six is not initially hostile, but when Mono damages her music box, which she appears fiercely protective of, likely due to the music box being her sole comfort during a hard time. You see, when Mono discovers Six in the Hunter's cabin, she is playing the music box. But as you can see later, the music box is actually an important piece in the story later. It comes to show that the Thin Man has already started to extend his broadcast to Six's mind, corrupting her into a reality-bending monster, similar to Roger the Janitor in the original Little Nightmares. So, when Mono destroys the music box, the tower begins to crumble and reveal fleshy growths of masses and eyes. Running from the mass, the two reach a jump. Six makes the jump but Mono is caught by her. For an unknown reason, Six lets Mono fall as she escapes through a television. Mono resigns himself to his fate and sits in a single chair. As Mono grows older, he gets taller and thinner, eventually taking on the form of the Thin Man, implying heavily that Mono is the Thin Man caught in a time loop. In a bonus cutscene, Six is seen near a shadowy version of herself-a remnant of the ordeal. The shadow sees a pamphlet for the Maw and Six's stomach growls. This means that LN2 actually takes place BEFORE Little Nightmares. So, what's the deal? Well, LN2 probably takes place between Very Little Nightmares and Little Nightmares. From what I can tell and what has been confirmed, Little Nightmares 2 is both a prequel and a sequel: a time loop that occurs both before and after the first. I believe this because at the end of the first, Six awakes rescue and possibly ends up at the Pale City, and because the Thin Man does exist within the time of the first game as evidenced by the DLC easter egg. Characters from Little Nightmares 2 also appear as portraits on the Maw. As well as this, it seems that the Thin Man may be able to control time, as evidenced by his continued attempts to reach his younger self -Mono- and so logically it makes sense that the loop occurs as a result of a convoluted bootstrap paradox of betrayal and fear. It may also be that Six attempted to prevent Mono from becoming the Thin Man by killing him, but this unclear. Now, the events of Little Nightmares. Upon leaving Mono/the Thin Man, Six sees the pamphlet for the Maw and probably gets picked up by the mysterious Ferryman. He takes her to the Maw. This is revealed in the comics. The Maw is an entertainment resort on a boat for Guests, who leave the land they come from to fulfill their greedy, gluttonous desires. The Maw is kept running by The Janitor, the man with long arms (His real name is Roger) who left the world in search of a better life, the Twin Chefs, who are implied to cook using the captured children - however, what isn't implied is the fact that most of the meat is actually Guest meat, who are killed and cooked by the Chefs once they get fat enough - and the Lady, whose magic keeps the engine of the Maw running, and who presumably runs the Maw. Believe it or not, within the universe of Little Nightmares the Maw is considered a place of order. In Little Nightmares, Six encounters a series of puzzles and eventually faces the Lady. However, across the game, there are periods where Six's stomach growls, accompanied by spooky music, and she must eat food. Her stomach growls the way it did after the end of LN2, symbolizing that maybe the hunger she feels is actually a sort of aftermath of the scuffle with the Thin Man and the time paradox. (Also, you can see the same shadowy figure of Six that's in the bonus cutscene of LN2.) After a series of puzzles, Six faces the Lady, and after using light from a mirror to weaken her, gets another pang of hunger. Six crawls up to the Lady and takes a bite out of her neck, killing her and taking her powers. If you're confused about the ending, essentially, Six gains the memories and abilities of the things she eats. That's how Six knows how to defeat the Geisha, because the Nome she ate in chapter four had seen the method to her defeat, as well as it being the reason she got the Lady's powers. In the end, once she leaves, Six awaits rescue. After being rescued, Six begins to "fade" and requires the help of Mono, the protagonist of Little Nightmares 2, to help her... and the time loop begins again. BONUS NOTE: If you have played LN2, you may remember the chalk drawings on the wall of the room where Six was imprisoned. These, in a way, actually show the past and future. On the far right, you can depict a stick drawing of a figure falling, with their face scratched out, which represents The Girl in the Yellow Raincoat plummeting to her death as she and the Pretender tumble off the Nest, her face being scratched out to mark she is deceased. Then follows tally marks, which show the passage of time. Next is empty space. Why is this empty? The gap represents the present, or just LN2 in general. However, the space could be filled with a drawing of Mono with his face scratched out. Next, we see more tally marks, which mark more time passing, and then the Runaway Kid, who turns into a Nome and is later devoured by Six. This is the character from the DLC Secrets of the Maw, which runs in sync with Six's adventure in the original Little Nightmares. Finally, we see another shorter passage of time, and the death of the Lady. This brings us up to date with the story of Little Nightmares as we know it, everything tying into the image in the back of the room... the Signal Tower itself. What's interesting about the placement of the Signal Tower is that it's placed on a wall at an angle, showing that the Signal Tower exists on a separate plane of existence within time and space, a dimension which Mono and Six enter upon getting into the tower. This shows that the Thin Man has already started to reach out the Signal and is starting to corrupt Six. I already talked about this. - My guess is that eventually, Mono grows up to be the Thin Man, and Six becomes the Lady, and hopefully, they meet each other again in a Little Nightmares III? It would be a very cool idea, anyways. Thanks for reading this. Hope you have a good day!

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