Surviving in Minecraft BUT NOW with my own ClayClaim Clay-SKIN #2

2021 5 فوریه
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NEW VIDEO: "Building \u0026 Playing a RAYMAN level on my desk - with cardboard \u0026 clay" --~--
It is getting dark and my height adjustable desk broke. And we have to survive the first night in ClayWorld!

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  • pls make minecraft serise part 3 and 4

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  • Nothing brings me more joy than watching this man make little clay things

    RJ CRJ Cپیش روز
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  • Hello is biurifol minecraft

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  • Thanos:I used the stones to destroy the stones ClayClaim:I used the wooden logs to cook the wooden logs

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  • Ads are annoying I rate 000000000000000000/00 an ugly ads

    • Ads:thats what you think Me:**choked on ads** SAY SORRY RIGHT NOW! ads:OK OK I'm sorry Me:banning ads Ads:wait nononon- Me:bye ads

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    uykhan Azjinuykhan Azjinپیش 16 روز
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    uykhan Azjinuykhan Azjinپیش 16 روز
  • make me

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  • For next part can you put small wires under the door that will be way for easier for you to open them

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  • Can You Do Playing Minecraft, BUT I have to RECREATE EVERYTHING with clay # 3 where you like go to the nether or fight the ender dragon

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  • You have to get 3 wool and 3 wood planks to make a bed to skip the night!

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  • Incredible

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  • CTRL and W and space make oyu go fast

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    • Same man

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